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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

President of Harvard Democrats Endorses Richardson

Compared to Martin Sheen, politicians and activists, this endorsement is relatively minor. However, it is notable for two reason:

1) Many, if not most college students back Barack Obama or Ron Paul. Yet here is the leader of a major Democratic organization at one of America's top universities endorsing Governor Richardson. It is the exception to the rule, unfortunately, and should be recognized.

2) It is one of the best endorsement editorials out there, certainly on par or better than some of the local newspaper endorsements the governor has received over the past few weeks.

Flashy rhetoric isn’t going to solve these issues. Neither will divisive partisanship and political jockeying. 2008 is a landmark election, and we need a candidate with a proven record of success. I have nothing bad to say about Senators Obama, Clinton, and Edwards, but I do believe Gov. Bill Richardson stands above the rest in his ability to recognize the challenges we face and deal with them honestly, thoroughly, and courageously.


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