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Monday, December 31, 2007

The Man We Need Now

To Hillary Clinton, the recent tragedy in Pakistan should not be politicized. But only in crisis is leadership tested and proven.

I've never felt stronger in my support for Governor Richardson. While most of the other candidates hem and hew, while they bicker or make gimmicky phone calls to Musharraf, Richardson responds boldly and specifically.

Like President Bush, Richardson is steadfast under criticism. Unlike President Bush, Richardson is experienced, brave, and ready for change. He is the man we need now.

When choosing a president, all issues pale in comparison to foreign policy and national security. Of the democratic contenders, only Biden and Richardson have the experience necessary to lead there. And only Richardson has proven his effectiveness time and again in the positions that count.

We may not agree with Richardson on every issue, but America ignores him at its peril.


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