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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

On Partisanship...

We are faced with many issues in today's America, one of the biggest being partisanship, and the ever-growing rift between the two major parties. Our current political forum is in ruins: no day passes without one idealogical side bickering with the other. Politicians find it hard to cooperate even with others in their own party, and elected officials disregard their mandates in favor of vicious attacks that are not only political in nature, but personal. Our political system has thus suffered, as the best recipe for success is a bipartisan atmosphere where Democrats, Republicans, and everyone else can work together to better our country. This, obviously, is not happening, and it shows: Congressional approval ratings hover at around a pathetic 25%. Americans no longer trust their representatives.

Bill Richardson would right this terrible wrong. Bipartisan in nature, the governor commands respect from both sides of the aisle. He never resorts to partisan tactics to accomplish his goals, and would rather work with the other side than defame them in the public arena. He is the one candidate from either party who has committed to a positive campaign. America needs Bill Richardson; America needs this change.

In this video, Wyndam & Alex discuss the problems with a partisan atmosphere, and Bill Richardson's record of combating it.

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