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Thursday, December 13, 2007

On Mental Health and Agriculture...

Bill Richardson has taken point on two issues that routinely get swept under the rug: mental health and agriculture. For too long, we haven't given mental health patients the treatment and respect they deserve--they have been stigmatized, and we must change that. It begins with a broader national discussion on mental health, and ends with ensuring that those afflicted with a disability receive all the help they can get. It isn't a "hot button" issue, so it is rarely discussed, but Governor Richardson has made it a significant part of his agenda.

The governor has also developed initiatives to help the American farmer. The American agricultural economy has, for quite some time, been controlled by a small group of powerful companies. Richardson recognizes the intrinsic distortions our current policy creates, and he supports taking action to change the status quo. Not only will Governor Richardson's proposed caps on subsidies help small farmers instead of rewarding big agribusiness, but they will improve our nation's nutrition and help us engage with the developing world more effectively.

In this new video, Alex and Wyndam discuss these two important issues.

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